Sunday, 26 March 2017

BANDUNG Wisata - Day 3 and (Day 4 - Final day)


Jia was not feeling well from the previous night. It was probably food poisoning. So, she decided to stay in bed and would not be joining us for our last day tour of Bandung. We felt bad for her but she needed to recover fast since we would be going back the next day.

That morning, we went back to Aria Jeans again before heading to Sapulidi restaurant for some minor alterations. The Sapulidi restaurant which is located at Lembang is unique as it is built around mini padi fields and streams. There are many huts to choose from. It was drizzling when we arrived. The rain falling down the attap roofs created a soothing ambience as we waited for our lunch. The spread was amazing! I like that they used old crockery to serve the food. The Sundanese food tasted delicious too.... After lunch, we walked around the area until we reached the landmark of the restaurant - the sapulidi scuplture. It is huge....!

After lunch, we made our way to Cibaduyut where leather goods are sold in shops that line up the main street. You can buy shoes, bags, etc here. Just make sure you bargain the price first. We went to find a rather pair of  sandals for our mother. My siblings bought her a pair once during their first Bandung trip, and my mom thought they were really comfy. So this time, we bought a few for her.  Hopefully, the sandals will last long.

Coming back to the city, we decided to stopover at a textile shop that we saw two days earlier. It is the D'Fashion and textile Shop located at Jendral Ahmad Yani road or Kosambi as it is widely known. It is a lace heaven, people! The price ranges between 45,000 Rupiah and 500,000 Rupiah.. The choice is wide and affordable. You can choose  pretty laces in many colours depending on your budget.  

After going ga-ga over the beautiful laces for a few hours, we reluctantly left the shop to go buy some cakes and desserts. A must in Bandung. I bought a box full of brownies of different flavours from Kartika Sari at Jln Haji Akbar / Jln Juanda. My favourite is Almond Brownies.

 For dinner, we decided to 'tapau' food from Kampiun Bistro, Jln Kebon Kawung, a modern cafe near the famous bakeries. We were too tired to dine in.  We just wanted to reach our hotel and rest our feet a.s.a.p. So, in the end, we bought a variety of Nasi Goreng! They were yummy. This was our last night at the hotel. We had to pack our bags before we could go to bed. To our horror, the bags had somehow multiplied and we were not so sure about our fate at the airport the next day.....

Next morning, Our guide, Pak Manan, was already waiting for us at the lobby to take us to Bandara airport. Somehow, he managed to stack all our luggage inside the van. We said goodbye to him and thank him for his help and wish his family well. We had to hire two porters to carry our luggage since we had to hurry to the check-in counter. Just as we predicted, the kilos had exceeded the limit! So we had to take out some goods and transfer it to our hand luggage. I ended up with  an extra bag to carry.

The morning flight was full. After 2 hours of blue sky, we reached KLIA2. I was glad to arrive safe and sound. Since our flight to Alor Setar was that night,we still have a few hours of free time. So we decided to lepak at Zaza's room at Everly Hotel for a few hours before taking a taxi to the airport. She was not returning home with us since she had to attend a meeting  in KL the next day. 

Alhamdulillah, we arrived at Kepala Batas safely that night. Jia and I bid farewell to our cousin, Tun Tija Bismi who was with us during the trip to Bandung. 

Selamat tinggal, Bandung. 
Sampai ketemu lagi!
 I would definitely visit it again.... :)

Hatur Nuhun...!  

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