Monday, 3 October 2016



Our third day in Seoul started with rice balls and chocolate drinks for breakfast. Then off we went to Lotte World Theme Park by train. The entrance fee was around 36000 Won and you could spent the whole day exploring the indoor and outdoor attractions in Lotte World. Everland theme park, which is outside Seoul, is bigger and the fee is more expensive. 

Among the indoor attractions are : the 'fake' hot air balloons attached to railings on the ceiling, the noon parade, the concert, the roller coaster  rides,  the carousel, the 3D gallery  and the Folk Museum. Lotte World is also the main setting for the famous Kdrama Stairway to Heaven starring Choi Ji Woo and Kwon Sang Woo.

There wasn't much options for food at Lotte World so our only option was the Lotteria where we bought shrimp burger and Milkis carbonated drink. I like them both. :)

After exploring the interior attractions, we went outside to the Magis Island where there are other things to do and see. There is the scary-looking GyroDrop that I didn't dare try. Instead, I strolled around the beautiful park and Disneyland-lookalike castles and took many selfies and wefies.


After a day of 'playing around' and being a kid again, we made our way to Sindang town where the whole street is lined up with tteobokki restaurants and cafes. On the way, we had to find a quiet corner at a train station to perform our prayer. It was certainly a new experience for me! There were some people who took photos and videos of us in prayer. 

After that, We went to the Sindangdong Restaurant to try the famous dish. It came in a big pan on a mini stove. Inside, there were instant noodles, tteobokki, eggs, assorted vegetables and fish cakes. Then soup and spices were added, including the compulsory chilli powder! When the food was nearly finished, we called the waiter to cook fried rice with what was left in the pan. The rice was as yummy as the tteobokki!


When we returned to our guest house, we decided to go out again to explore the Shinchon neighbourhood. Since it is near Ewha Women's University, there is a lot of boutiques, fashion outlets, cosmetics shops and stationery shops. We fell in love with one of the shop which sold 1001 cute pencil cases, bags, organizers and diaries. The price was affordable too. On the way back, we bought packs of huge, delicious-looking strawberries to eat later.  It cost around 10,000 - 13,000 Won per pack. The taste was just heavenly.... Probably the best strawberries that I had ever eaten!

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