Wednesday, 20 July 2016


Day Four :

On the fourth day, we flew to Busan from Jeju via Jeju Air. It took about 45 minutes. When we landed, we checked in into Airport Hotel, which is only a train station away. The hotel is fairly new and modern. What impressed me the most is the rectangular long bathroom that is equipped with a large oval bathtub that doubles as a mini jacuzzi and the tv monitor attached to the wall. Daebak!

After a short rest, we decided to find food for lunch. Since we heard there is a Halal Turkish restaurant in Busan, the Cappadocia, we decided to take the train. We took the subway from the airport to Busan Metro station and from there we took Line 1 and came out of Exit 8 when we reached Dusil station. Little did we know that the trip was rather a long one. From there, we had  to walk for about 10 minutes before finding the restaurant, which was tucked away in a quiet lane.

After three days of seafood, we couldn't wait to savour meat again! The kebab was delicious; I just wished the rice was of a bigger portion and that the dish came with some curry or gravy... Typical Malaysian...! Hehehehe.

After lunch, we explored the area and discovered that the Busan Mosque or Masjid Al-Fattah was just nearby. There is also a Moroccan restaurant in the vicinity. We couldn't linger because we were short of time.

We had to go back to Busan quickly to go to the famous Haeundae Beach. It was also a setting of many films and dramas, including Haeundae Lovers. Along the way, we saw several Middle Eastern and Indian Halal restaurants including a stall that sells the famous Turkish cone ice cream.

We just couldn't resist the mango bingsu  and green tea bingsu temptation at Caffe Bene at Haeundae. Bingsu is similar to our local ABC but usually bigger and comes in a variety of flavours and textures. 2 large bingsu can feed 4 - 6 people easily. They were definitely yummy!

We were planning to visit a few other places as well but it was already late in the evening when we left the beach. We decided to go to a Home Plus mall (similar to Tesco) near Haeundae to buy some souvenirs. We took the Busan subway Line 2 and got down at Dongbaek Station, Exit 1. Dinner was shrimp burger from Lotteria. We then returned to our hotel after our late night shopping. We were all tired after several transfers of subway rides that day.

Image result for homeplus busan haeundae branch

Our flight back to KL was the next morning. We had to quickly packed our luggage and eat our breakfast before we checked out. The staff was kind enough to take us to the airport.

We said goodbye to Busan and Jeju and flew back to Malaysia that morning. One day tour of Busan was not enough. I must go back some day to visit other attractions along the two  city tour courses shown in the map below... I need to go back to Jeju too.  : )

Next post : My first visit to Seoul and Nami, Korea in Winter 2012!

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